Top minds answer "What is the most impactful transformation to happen in climate change in the next 10 years?"

As part of our work in the climate tech trend, we asked some of the top minds in climate startups and investing to share their perspectives on the opportunities in environmental tech and answer the question: What is the most impactful transformation to happen in climate change in the next 10 years?

Here’s what they had to say:

"Real estate is the single most contributive industry to Climate Change - responsible for 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Fifth Wall is optimistic that tenants, policy makers, and capital markets will begin holding the real estate industry accountable and encourage the industry to begin investing in the Climate Tech R&D to decarbonize." 

Brendan Wallace, Managing Partner, FifthWall Ventures

The most impactful change will be harnessing the power of the people and democratizing the ability to live sustainably.

Dane Baker, Co-founder and CEO of EcoCart

The most meaningful shift to happen in the next 10 years is not going to be in one particular industry, but rather the rate in which these shifts need to take place. As a species, we need to retrofit 200 years worth of infrastructure in 20.

Brennan Spellacy, Co-founder and CEO of Patch

Businesses decarbonizing, leading to the potential for society to decarbonize (and perhaps even go into negative emissions territory through carbon capture and removal) in the following decade.

Nikhil Basu Trivedi, investor

We will have it solved and wonder what all the fuss was about (see my full argument here, but basically solar + batteries + capture are all much further along than most people realize)

Tyson Woeste, Partner, climate tech, FifthWall Ventures

In 2021, many view climate solutions as “feel good” investments.  In 2031, most will view climate investments as “mission critical.”

Liqian Ma, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing Research, Cambridge Associates

Within the next 10 years, individuals and companies will have varying interest rates according to their carbon footprint, leading to a de facto carbon tax accelerating for investments, accelerating the energy transition.

Alexis Normand, CEO of Greenly

Net Zero can be achieved only by reducing our footprint and a global rewarding system for shifting humanity into sustainability behavior.

Gilad Regev, Co-founder and CEO of Kora

Scaling-up carbon capture and storage solutions to the billion-tons - helping us go further than 'switching off the tap' on emissions.

Josie Stoker, Co-founder and CEO of Capture

Widespread deployment of renewables will provide extremely cheap energy that we'll find brand new uses for.

Landon Brand, Co-founder and CEO of Wren

Solving climate change would require 100M people from across the world to bring their skills to climate solutions: sales, marketing, technology, finance, media, education, farming & many more.

Anshuman Bapna, Founder of

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